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the Flame-bearer

22 December
I started this blog many years ago, and as one might expect it has passed through several phases. During that fall semester of my junior year while I was abroad in Wales -- and during subsequent travels during college -- I considered it a travelogue in which I had the freedom to ramble on and on about where I went and what I thought. In between traveling, I would ramble about folkdancing and actors. My interests below still reflect my college self, because I still feel gentle amusement and fondness for that person.

After college, while I lived in Philadelphia and worked as a paralegal, I often used this space to record my expeditions around town and beyond town, the times I spent with friends and the times I had solitary adventures. I also considered it so clever that my profile said, at the time, 'For classicists, the legal field is a prestigious line of work, with a long and glorious history.' So bloody clever...

After I left the office job for a more engaging job, this journal languished. I care passionately about peoples' food choices, building relationships, supporting farmers' markets well, and finding my own direction and development in my job. I poured all the passion I could find within myself into my job, people and projects there, so I never found any energy or time to write here.

Now… Now I find myself exploring another shift, although I am still far away from seeing the shape of my life in the months ahead. I have been noticing that i feel drawn to socialize less but engage more deeply, experience my emotions intensely but strive towards calm, embrace closer connection to another person, consider the possibility that I am growing into a progressive and self-aware adult. As part of that growth, I am discovering empathy and perception within me, so I find myself exploring ways to nurture those qualities. I may return to this journal again, as a place to reflect.

During its last version, my profile said that I am 'cynical but affectionate and loyal'. That's still true, although I usually describe myself these days as a 'progressive misanthrope'. I do still like drinking wine and sticking out my tongue in pictures, and as always...

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